Our Mission

The TheraPlan Story

As a therapy billing agency owner and parent of a disabled child, TheraPlan founder Stephen Edwards worked side by side with therapists and therapy practice owners for over 25 years. He saw their struggles and triumphs, and thoroughly understood the needs of a clinic’s administrative team. The most common complaint he heard was that EMRs did not provide quality support to their customers. He knew there was a way to solve all of these problems through technology and great customer service to help Florida therapists work more efficiently.

At first, Steve set out to find an EMR that could do the job for his clients. He didn’t succeed in finding an all-in-one solution at an affordable price; only software that solved some of their problems. This simply wasn’t good enough.

Collectively, these frustrations became the impetus for his vision of creating a therapy EMR.

In 2015, the newly created TheraPlan team began development. Steve invited his clients in the Florida therapy community to be part of the software development process. As a result, TheraPlan evolved in real time, a product of administrator and therapist feedback.

By way of this direct input, TheraPlan is a next-generation EMR that was developed by therapists, for therapists.

Team Members