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Speak Easy Solutions – Florida Therapy Clinic Case Study

Megan Morgan has owned a therapy clinic, Speak Easy Solutions, for 14 years. When she decided to adopt an EMR 10 years ago, Megan bought into the need for electronic records. However, she soon found that having just any EMR would not necessarily simplify her work life.

Speak Easy Solutions’ rapid growth in recent years meant constantly training new providers on the EMR she selected. Unable to customize documentation templates to their liking, nor rely upon the EMR’s insufficient tech support, providers at Speak Easy Solutions were frustrated. Megan and her admin team spent an excessive amount of time teaching new hires how to use an inefficient system.

She knew it wasn’t her job to be assisting office staff, and wanted her providers to be able to complete their documentation with as few hassles as possible. After all, inefficiency leads to lost revenue!

While the thought of choosing a new EMR was daunting, Megan knew it was time for a major change. Referred by her billing agency to TheraPlan, Megan decided to check out the freshly launched software. After a quick demo, she was convinced that TheraPlan would work for her team.

Florida therapy clinic case study

Speak Easy Solutions signed on as TheraPlan’s first client in July 2017. With the help of readily accessible video tutorials, live Q&A webinar trainings, and unlimited phone and email support, Megan’s entire staff of 80 providers was able to get acclimated to the system in just a few weeks.

Megan and her team held a unique position: their experiences and first impressions of TheraPlan became the basis for the software’s further development.

“I no longer feel stressed just thinking about the everyday tasks of running my clinic,” she says. “Whenever I need something, TheraPlan is there. It’s like having another business partner who makes life easier for me and my employees.”

The average provider at Speak Easy Solutions now spends just 3-5 minutes writing a Daily Progress Note, and Megan has more time to focus on growing her practice!

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