With TheraPlan EMR, Spend Less Time Writing Notes and More Quality Time With Patients

• See everything at a glance with our modern dashboard interface.
• Access patients’ records from any device with our responsive technology.
• Document with ease using software designed just for PT, OT, ST, ABA and EI.
• Perform treatments anywhere using our web-based application.

TheraPlan was designed with you in mind!

Web-Based Application

TheraPlan, being web-based, runs on our servers, not yours.  It is available 24-7, minus any scheduled down time for maintenance and or upgrades.

Having a responsive design allows users to access TheraPlan from their work desktop or on-the-go with tablet and smartphone. The intuitive layout responds to the size of your device and the colorful interface makes finding your desired window quick and easy!

Responsive Web Design

All types of devices will be able to run our software, including those with Windows and Apple operating systems. You won’t have to worry about having to buy new devices for your staff just to accommodate your EMR. Our pages will load according to the device you’re on and will fit your screen nicely, reducing scrolling and navigation time.

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Organized Scheduling

Our goal is to make scheduling and organizing patient appointments as hassle-free as possible. TheraPlan offers two ways of organizing to cater to each therapists’ preference.

The calendar management application lets you easily drag and drop client information and appointments into different time slots, perfect for users that prioritize their time in busy schedules.

In addition, the client scheduler gives more options to check for availability by specialty, provider, and more!

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User-Friendly Record Management and Documentation

Our built-in therapy documentation templates are easy to use and were designed to meet the requirements of practice owners and therapists.

Therapy practices can get overwhelmed by tons and tons of paperwork, making it difficult to organize client information. TheraPlan allows you to quickly access, organize, and update client information all in one place. You can also manage your communications through TheraPlan by sending fax and phone calls directly from the platform.

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Optimized Administration

Help your administration understand a patient’s insurance benefits, easily find a patient’s financial responsibility, and identify when an authorization is needed.

TheraPlan allows you to request and track authorizations for client information. We also offer administrative tools to add criteria such as date span and number of visits.

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TheraPlan’s Software Features

TheraPlan’s Key software features:

Web App

Our web-based platform puts
the control in your hands.

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Our built-in templates make documentation efficient. We build TheraPlan around Medicaid and Medicare audit requirements, and can accommodate clinics from any state.

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We provide scheduling options for both clinic-based and community-based appointments, in a straightforward drag-and-drop format.

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We’ve got your back when it comes to running your therapy practice. TheraPlan facilitates a smooth administrative process because we consider your business cycle to be of utmost importance. 

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