An All-In-One EMR Application

Web Application


Access TheraPlan from anywhere at any time! Add progress notes, new patients, and more at your convenience.

We take pride in how our EMR increases your efficiencies with our ease of navigation and minimizes your valuable time to complete forms and documentation (on average less than 5 minutes). Additionally, we maximize your time for doing what you do best, more patient care. 

Dashboard Technology

First, our effective use of color and our intuitive dashboard technology not only ensures that navigation on any device is simple and efficient, but at a glance, you will see the most prevalent groups of data making you more efficient in accessing the information you need.

HIPAA Compliant

TheraPlan is HIPAA compliant. Rest assured that your patient demographics and clinical information are safe and secure on our servers and within encrypted databases and password-protected software.


TheraPlan not only delivers an optional integrated text reminder system which automatically sends TheraReminders to your patient,  but it is a two-way communication solution as well. Text reminders have proven to increase your therapy clinics revenue by significantly decreasing your no shows.


Check your active Medicaid population’s eligibility.  Verify any changes every day.  We help you keep on top of the changes in Medicaid eligibility of your patients. 

This web-based system will make sure you receive automatic updates and reminders when changes need to be made with your patients’ information.

**only available in certain states.


Our integrated electronic fax connects your therapy clinic to the healthcare world in a far more efficient way. First, faxing is integrated with TheraPlan which allows you to send and receive faxes. Second, TheraPlan allows you to send your faxes after business hours through scheduling, minimizing the time waiting at a fax machine for it to free up and the other end can receive it. This also ensures your faxes will be one of the first to be reviewed the next morning.

Our EMR solution provides many ways to stay in contact with therapy clinics, branches, providers, referring doctors, and patients, directly from TheraPlan. From one system you may fax, make phone calls, send emails, and communicate on a secure, closed network. 

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