An All-In-One EMR Application


Easy to Edit

Designing a modern interface for smart technology means creating a seamless experience the user will be able to operate instantly. TheraPlan utilizes a colorful “look and feel” that is both intuitive and easy to use for editing or organizing patient information.

We’ve enabled drop and drag technology within our scheduling module. If an appointment needs to be moved from one day or time of the week to another day or time the next day or even the following week, you can drag the appointment to the desired time and day and it automatically is changed.

Recurring Appointments

TheraPlan allows you to set recurring appointments for patients. Your staff will not need to manually enter a patient’s slot each week; rather, you can tell the software to make an appointment recur weekly or monthly. If appointments change, simply drag and drop!

Scheduling at Your Fingertips

Like all of TheraPlan’s features, your schedule is accessible at any time on any device. Providers and office administrators can make changes on the go through their tablets or mobile phones.

Now you’ll never have to worry about where you’ll be if changes need to be made to your work schedule. Simply access the device on your desk or in your pocket and you have everything you need to manage client appointments.

Text Reminders*

Prevent cancellations and the lost revenue that results from them by utilizing our SMS reminders feature. Should you choose to use our scheduler, you can opt in all or some of your patients to receive text reminders. Patients can easily respond to a text to confirm an appointment.

*Not included in base cost of TheraPlan. SMS reminders are available for $0.08 per text.

This patient intake example PDF exhibits receiving consent from caregivers to receive SMS reminders.

Benefits of TheraPlan Scheduling

TheraPlan is a flexible scheduling platform catered to practices in that run on busy schedules. We understand how valuable your time is and how best to manage it in a modern way. Keep your schedule organized, intuitive, and easy-to-edit with TheraPlan.

Request a demo to discover how TheraPlan’s natural environment and EMR clinic scheduler can benefit your practice!

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