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How a Dashboard Helps You Get the Most Out of a Therapy EMR

There’s a mobile app for everything these days. You can complete a money transfer, contact a friend who’s on the other side of the world, or upload a video to your website in a short series of taps. You’ll probably agree that the level of convenience people expect will only continue to ramp up.

Our Therapy EMR Fits With Your Modern Lifestyle

When we introduced our EMR called TheraPlan in 2015, we wanted to build a therapy EMR that could keep up with the twenty-first century mobile-based lifestyle we all live. It also had to provide everything therapists and clinic owners need to achieve efficient processes. 

That means we had to make our software web-based so it would be accessible from anywhere. It also meant we needed to make it user-friendly with an intuitive interface. The best way to do this? Make the focal point of TheraPlan a useful, personalized dashboard!

A regular list or menu-style dashboard wasn’t going to be enough. We believe convenience doesn’t have to come at the expense of aesthetics. A modern, visually appealing layout makes the most common functions of an EMR feel less cumbersome. At the same time, it gives the user one-click accessibility. 

We designed TheraPlan around these principles, and then went several steps farther. Instead of our dashboard being like a simple menu you can use to click through to the section of the application you want, we made it the place you go to find everything you’re likely to need on a daily basis. 

A Peek Inside TheraPlan’s Dashboard

As you can see, TheraPlan’s dashboard doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen in a therapy EMR before. It’s bright and beautifully organized into tiles. The best news is that those tiles aren’t just nice to look at, but also incredibly functional. Here’s what they show you:

  1. Quick access to patients’ charts and contact info: Upon logging in to TheraPlan’s secure web-based application, the first thing you’ll notice on the dashboard is a Patient List. Search for a particular patient or review your entire caseload at any given time without having to navigate to the Patient Information section of the application. If you service patients in a natural environment, and need to check in with a patient, you can simply access TheraPlan from your mobile device and call them with just a couple clicks!
  1. Scheduling at your fingertips: If you schedule appointments natively inside your therapy EMR, you’ll love how our dashboard brings them to your attention right away. See your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule at a glance, and even check in patients straight from the scheduler tile. You’ll also see who’s confirmed their appointments already, or if one has been cancelled, when your clinic uses our TheraReminder feature. No outside apps or calendars necessary!
  1. A list of tasks you need to complete: Our To-Do List tile is designed to assist your clinic with its goal of always improving your continuation of care. Discover how many of your patients’ evaluations, authorizations, plans of care, re-evaluations, and insurance renewals are coming due soon. They’re all listed right on your dashboard. Yep, that means your clinic can leave the days of complicated spreadsheets behind.
  1. An at-a-glance summary of unsigned documents: Forgot which notes you left unfinished on that long day of back-to-back appointments? Not a problem, because they’ll be listed in one place every time you log in. The Encounters tile shows how many days a document has been open so you can easily prioritize. Therapists will see just their patients’ documents, while admins and owners can see documents for all patients and providers. With this dashboard tile, it’s impossible to end up with incomplete documentation!
  1. Internal messaging: We all know that emails get lost in inboxes and text messages sometimes get overlooked. When you need to communicate with your team of therapists or admin staff, simply log in to TheraPlan and send an instant message straight from our message center. This is an especially helpful feature if your therapists are working remotely.

Our software is always being updated, so these tiles are just the start! Every time we add new functionality to TheraPlan, we think about how to make it accessible to you in as few clicks as possible. 

You Need an EMR With a Dashboard

Dashboards may not be something you think about much, since you’re so used to seeing them in a lot of mobile and desktop apps. Yet, because you’ve used them quite a bit, you probably know how it feels when they’re missing.  If you’ve ever tried to manage your clinic’s documentation and patient charts without this built-in convenience, you can see there are major advantages to using a dashboard-centric therapy EMR. 

TheraPlan’s unique brand of dashboard technology allows you and your therapy clinic staff to complete daily responsibilities with maximum efficiency. If you’re ready to work smarter — not harder,  schedule a demo. We’ll show you how TheraPlan can simplify your work life.

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