Therapy Clinic Services in the State of Florida

Why Your Florida-Based Therapy Clinic Needs State-Specific Industry Expertise

Have you ever tried to explain any part of your business to a friend who’s not in the therapy industry? Chances are, they were confused. They don’t understand why you can’t chat because you’re calling insurance companies first thing in the morning, why it takes so much effort to make sure your therapists are compliant with documentation, or why you’re staying up until all hours of the night to finish credentialing paperwork for a new hire. After awhile, you may just stop trying to discuss work at all with anyone outside the office. 

No matter how long your practice has been in business, you understand how complicated this industry can be. With constant changes to documentation and billing requirements, saying it’s a lot to keep up with would be an understatement.

Furthermore, it’s nearly impossible to get the support you need from outside sources because they’re just too general. National industry blogs, videos, and podcasts are great, but they won’t necessarily help you with the everyday tasks of billing, credentialing, HIPAA compliance, and more as a Florida-based clinic. So, you find yourself turning to Facebook groups and other local clinic owners for the detailed advice you need.

Florida Therapy Industry Regulations Are Unique

The biggest reason it’s so hard to find help, or even relatable content, is because therapy is such a state-specific business. The things you are required to consider in the state of Florida could be wildly different from someone who practices therapy in any other state. Then, there’s the matter of diving even deeper into speech, occupational, physical, behavioral, and other therapy disciplines.

Because requirements and the related changes often pertain to specific state-based insurance carriers or Medicaid programs, the advice you seek from outside sources may not always apply. Every state’s regulations are different, and sometimes there are even regional variations in things like early intervention therapy.

You Need More Than One Type of Support for Your Therapy Clinic

You may have had the inclination to outsource some part of your business, but it can be hard to know what is most important. Do you protect your therapists’ time first and pay for an EMR, or is it more important to hire a billing agency to ensure that they get paid quickly? Sometimes, bringing a new company into the mix can sound so overwhelming as a clinic owner that you just conclude it’s best to do it all yourself or with your current admin team. 

Add in the overwhelm of trying to work with a company whose staff is unfamiliar with Florida regulations, and it’s no wonder you’d want to handle the responsibilities alone.

Therapy is a Highly Interpersonal Industry

Yet another factor in your frustration could be the sheer emotional toll it takes to try your hardest to provide a service people genuinely need, while feeling like you’re up against the complex, and sometimes unfair, rules of our bewildering health care system.

We know what this feels like from your perspective and that of your patients. Our founder, Stephen Edwards, got started in the Florida therapy industry due to a personal tragedy, which has given him and our entire team insight into the patient’s view of therapy services. We fully grasp why your job is important to you, and not just as a small business owner concerned about revenue. You deserve to have the exact help you need to continue providing high-quality therapy to your patients.

Look for a Solid Network of Florida Therapy Experts

All of the above leads us to the solution we have created: a network of Florida-based therapy industry experts ready to serve clinics like yours. We’ve seen the inner workings of clinics and home-based practices of all sizes and with every mix of disciplines. Because we understand what it takes to run an efficient and thriving clinic, we’ve built a team of billing, credentialing, and auditing experts, EMR software developers, and Medicaid eligibility pros.

We don’t believe you should have to choose between these services because they’re all essential to your business’s growth. So, we’ve joined forces.

Think of our network of companies like a group of apps that integrate to make your life easier. When you use more than one of our products or services together, you get the benefit of seamless communication amongst a unified team of people who understand your challenges and are all working on your behalf.

Find out how we can make use of all these areas of expertise and create a customized plan together to take your therapy practice to the next level in 2020.