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A reoccurring issue many therapists face is not being able to accurately track client authorization requests. When you need information to help treat your client, you want to be sure you are getting exactly what you need on time. Our administration tools allow you to follow authorizations more accurately with realtime updates on the process.

Help your administration understand a patient’s insurance benefits, easily find a patient’s financial responsibility, and identify when authorization is needed. Our patient details screen displays deductible amounts, copay amounts, and policy limitations (visit limits or exclusions).

Authorization Tracking and Managing

Authorizations have become more and more integral to healthcare and therapy, so we’ve made authorization tracking and management front-and-center in our software. Add authorization criteria, like date span and number of visits or units approved, in TheraPlan.

Visits are then tracked to ensure patients are not seen above or outside of their authorization. We’ve even created a system to accommodate capitation authorizations, like those issued by American Therapy Administrators in Florida.

Request Authorization from Within the EMR

We’ve contacted the large commercial and Medicaid plans in Florida to obtain copies of their forms, so that you and your staff can easily request authorizations from within the EMR.

Plan of Care Tracking

Never forget when a patient is due for a new Plan of Care! Cut down on the amount of gaps in care and keep patients on schedule by ensuring that evaluations are done on time and POCs are ready before the current POC expires.


Keep track of your staff’s pay using our straightforward built-in payroll system. Maximize efficiency and minimize confusion with our at-a-glance tables that make transparency between administration and providers simple.

Insurance Hyperlinks

From within the EMR, we guide you to the web portal of any insurance. Now you can use TheraPlan as a convenient way to reach your insurance provider.

Ease the burden on your therapy practice administration team by switching to TheraPlan today!

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