An All-In-One EMR Application


Easy-to-Use Progress Note Templates

Our built-in therapy documentation templates are easy to use and were designed to balance the needs of practice owners and therapists. We collected audit requirements for Florida Medicaid, Medicare, and Early Steps and ensured that all required fields are present.

These templates were designed to be flexible like the rest of TheraPlan. Now you can access your documentation and notes from any smart device and make changes whenever you need!


TheraPlan will auto-populate certain information to save you time. We strive to minimize the amount of information providers have to enter on daily progress notes.

TheraFax or E-Mail from TheraPlan

Fax or e-mail clinical information from within TheraPlan using your own HIPAA-compliant email and most eFax services. When insurance companies or patients request clinical information, access a patient’s notes and send directly from our software.

Documentation at Your Fingertips

Enter documentation at any time from any device. Providers can enter their daily progress notes whenever they prefer: right after a session or from the comfort of their own home at the end of the day.

Give yourself a huge advantage with how you access your documents using TheraPlan’s mobile documentation tools.

Customer Support

A frequent issue for therapists is a limited amount or even lack of customer support. Our goal is to set your practice up for success, which is why we offer training and unlimited customer support for TheraPlan and learning the documentation process.

Request a demo to learn how our therapy documentation templates can make your practice more efficient!

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