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Preparing a therapy clinic for 2022

How to Get Your Therapy Clinic Ready for 2022

We’ve told you before that we believe January is the most critical month for your therapy business. As we round out the most complicated year the industry has seen in a while and get ready to welcome 2022, we cannot stress this enough. At the start of the year, there is a chance to refresh […]

Pediatric therapist working on a tablet with a child

Why Therapy Clinic Culture Extends Beyond Patient Care

In the business world, the term “organizational culture” is quite commonly used. You may not have thought of what it means to have a therapy clinic culture. Or you may envision it like many of us have: that it’s all about putting patients first.  Having a patient-centered approach as a clinic owner is certainly key, […]

Child working with speech therapist

How a Dashboard Helps You Get the Most Out of a Therapy EMR

There’s a mobile app for everything these days. You can complete a money transfer, contact a friend who’s on the other side of the world, or upload a video to your website in a short series of taps. You’ll probably agree that the level of convenience people expect will only continue to ramp up. Our […]

Failed authentication code

5 Reasons to Improve Data Security for Your Therapy Clinic with Multi-Factor Authentication

How often do you think about the number of times each day your therapy clinic’s digital practices could be putting someone at risk for a data security breach? We know that’s a scary thought, but there’s a good chance you aren’t aware of the level of sophistication and determination of today’s cyberthieves. Your therapy clinic […]

Patient Receiving Appointment Reminders from TheraPlan Therapy EMR

How Appointment Reminders Protect Your Therapy Clinic

It’s not surprising that the recent pandemic has created an immediate need for new ways of conducting business. We’ve supported our greater therapy community with useful therapy industry updates throughout the past year. But that’s not all we’ve been doing. The TheraPlan team has been busy developing new solutions to help clinic owners like you […]

therapy for children

Why Schooling Options in 2020 are Particularly Challenging for Children with Disabilities

This time of year, parents are generally buying up school supplies, meeting teachers, and getting kids ready for another year of school. Things are different this time around, to say the least. Parents are currently facing the tough choice of whether to send their kids back for face-to-face learning or to continue with some version […]

TeleHealth Remote Therapy EMR

Post-Pandemic Advice for Therapy Clinics: Is TeleHealth Here to Stay?

Since March 2020, the world of therapy has looked quite different than normal out of pure necessity. Many providers began offering TeleHealth sessions as an option, and you may have been one of them. While it may have seemed like the swift move to offering therapy remotely was a short-term reaction to the Covid pandemic, […]

Post-Pandemic Advice for Therapy Clinics: Why HIPAA Compliance is Still Paramount

Since we first became aware of the potential impact of Covid-19 on American businesses, those of us in the Florida therapy industry have been scrambling to keep up with all the changes and updates. Though none of us knows what the “new normal” will look like as of the date of this post, we will […]

Starting a virtual therapy session during Covid-19

Advice for Therapy Clinics During the Covid-19 Crisis

At TheraPlan and our sister company, Edwards Electronic Processing, our business has been significantly affected by the threat of Covid-19. We know it’s likely that yours has too. Because we have far-reaching connections within the Florida therapy community, we feel we have a responsibility to compile and provide you with pertinent updates as we become […]

Communication Hacks for Doubling Your Therapy Clinic’s Efficiency

Effective communication is key for any business, but is especially critical in the therapy industry. One small breakdown in communication can have lasting negative effects on your therapy clinic’s billing, scheduling, and treatment processes. There are different types of communication, all of which must come together in seamless synergy to result in increased efficiency. Read […]