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3 Advantages of Using an EMR with Therapy Billing Expertise

If you’ve decided to migrate your therapy clinic’s documentation, scheduling, and other regular tasks to an electronic format, you have no doubt been faced with extensive choices. Server-based or web-based? With documentation templates or without? Therapy-specific or general? And how will it integrate with your billing process?

Yet, some of the most important elements of choosing an EMR are the also the most intangible: the things you wouldn’t think to search for, yet would love to have. Isn’t this true for nearly any company we decide to hire or whose services we want to use? We look for that “wow” factor, but can’t seem to identify what that really means.

While we believe TheraPlan’s software has quite a few astounding features, the truth is that our calling card is not something we can list on a brochure or compare to other EMRs on the market. That’s because it’s about our origins and a unique relationship we have with Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP), an experienced Florida therapy billing agency. 

Why should you care about this as a therapy clinic owner? Here are three reasons that using an EMR with close ties to a therapy billing agency could change the way you do business for the better.

1. You’ll be ahead of the curve when it comes to industry changes.
The therapy world is constantly changing. So many facets of daily clinic operations depend on your location, disciplines, insurance vs. Medicaid mix, and the population you serve. Staying on top of these changes is not just an option, either; it’s an absolute must in order to avoid the potentially expensive consequences of an insurance or state audit. Our goal is to make compliance as easy as possible for your entire team.

Some EMRs won’t be able to keep up with the shifting regulations. However, with TheraPlan you get adaptable software that is built upon policies specific to therapists in Florida. Everything from state Medicaid requirements to Early Steps program guidelines are just everyday office fodder for us. Because we talk to the therapy billing specialists at EEP often and make important changes to TheraPlan with their guidance, our clients can count on having an EMR that reflects what’s happening in the industry at any given time. 

2. Customer service is based on more than just technical support.
Sure, it’s helpful to have technical issues resolved quickly, but that doesn’t cover the scope of what a knowledgeable EMR staff could help you with. Why go to multiple sources to learn how to complete documentation with billing stipulations in mind?

When you call TheraPlan’s support desk, you aren’t just getting in contact with one company’s worth of resources. We often consult with the EEP staff and can direct you to a credible source for anything you need above and beyond how to use our system. While we won’t be advising your therapists on the more complex questions in the moment, we know exactly where to send them for the right answers. In addition, we have numerous video tutorials and PDF guides housed inside our application to help. 

To us and our billing agency partners, customer service is much more than just fixing a quick issue. We believe in providing you and every member of your team with solutions: methods that can carry over to more than one patient, and more than one document.

3. Complicated claims become a lot easier to manage when your EMR is built around the data that insurance companies need.
Whether you have in-house staff taking care of billing or you outsource to EEP or another billing agency, having the most thorough documentation possible makes their job so much easier. With standard claims, all the required data for an evaluation, re-evaluation or a treatment, is readily available and in a logical place. Appeals or follow-up phone calls are simple when you can log in to TheraPlan (from anywhere, any time) and verify demographic details and more.

We take pride in the strength of our business relationships. In addition to being in close partnership with EEP, we have other industry professionals, such as the credentialing experts at Clinic Connection, on hand as resources for all our clients. We’re confident you’ll benefit from these ties as a TheraPlan user. Instead of getting one specialized service, you’re connecting to a network of companies that serve the various needs of therapy clinics.

If you want to know more about how our software is developed with ongoing input from EEP’s 25 years of billing experience, schedule a demo. You’ll get a private tour of TheraPlan’s unique features and how they can make your practice more efficient.