Therapy practice emr

The Top 3 Reasons Your Therapy Practice Needs an EMR

Have you been holding out with your office full of filing cabinets as many medical offices transition to EMR systems? If your therapists still have to complete documentation in their own way, and your office staff is overworked, adopting a therapy practice EMR may be the way to go. Below, we outline three reasons to consider the big transition from paper to electronic medical records.  
  • Your therapists will spend less time documenting. An overworked therapist is an inefficient, ineffective therapist! If you want your clinic to be known for providing the best quality care, it’s wise to do whatever you can to make sure therapists are fully dedicated when they are treating patients. One way to do this is to take away the burden of complicated documentation. Between assessments, plans of care, and SOAP notes, your therapists are required to do quite a bit of paperwork to get paid for an evaluation or treatment. With the right EMR, therapists can spend just a few minutes documenting each encounter with a patient because all necessary information is on hand, in one place. Instead of managing their own individual methods of writing daily progress notes and having to search for assessments, therapists simply refer to the EMR for all tasks and relevant information.
  • There will be less room for inaccuracies. Having your schedule, patient charts, authorizations, and other facets of documentation readily available simplifies all administrative and therapist duties. Should your practice ever go through an insurance audit, paper-based records can be a nightmare. EMRs standardize processes and records, which allows you to focus on growing your practice and providing the best quality medical care possible.
  • An EMR frees up your office staff. Your admins have so much on their plate already. Sifting through stacks of paper shouldn’t be one of their primary duties! Front office staff will thank you for saving them the hours of time they used to dedicate to searching for authorizations, finding CPT codes, and contacting community-based therapists. Get the most out of every dollar you pay your staff by transitioning to an EMR.
  While it can be an intimidating move, deciding to use a therapy practice EMR can revolutionize the way you run your practice. To find out more about what an EMR can do for you, read about TheraPlan’s features.