We are incredibly happy to introduce Telehealth as an integrated solution to TheraPlan — and it is HIPAA compliant. And we’re also happy to announce that our Telehealth solution is a safe and less expensive option than you can typically find in the marketplace.

Telehealth is a great way to continue therapy sessions when meeting face to face is not an option. The 2020 COVID pandemic created an urgency for many providers to quickly find a telehealth solution for their office. In many therapy, centric EMRs, an integrated telehealth solution was not available. Many practices had to turn to third-party solutions instead of solutions already offered within the framework of their EMR. Many of those chosen products were not HIPAA compliant, but luckily the Office of Civil Rights allowed for a moratorium on fines and penalties for certain types of HIPAA breaches until the crisis was under control.

Most of the significant features of a Telehealth solution are included in our initial offering. No software needs to be downloaded–your patient just clicks on a link and is taken to a virtual waiting room. The therapist is notified of the patient’s presence and can enter the virtual waiting room and start the therapy session. Having Telehealth seamlessly integrated into TheraPlan increases your efficiency since all Telehealth appointments show up in your scheduler. From the appointments in the scheduler, text messages can be automatically sent reminding them of their upcoming appointment. If they indicate that they need to cancel, you can pull up all clients on your “Waiting List” and easily and quickly fill the appointment. Our telehealth solution is streamlined, integrated, more efficient, and one of the most competitively priced solutions on the market.

Contact us today to see a demo and hear more about how TheraPlan can help bring telehealth to your practice.