Why You Should Manage Reevaluation Dates in Your Therapy Clinic

Have you ever had to put a patient on hold because their plan of care expired?

Some clinics can face the dilemma of having multiple patients on hold at the same time. As you know, when this happens, you AND your therapists are not getting paid. Thus, there is quite a strong incentive for training your therapists to pay close attention to re-evaluation dates and completing documentation in a timely manner.

The way to prevent this predicament is straightforward and can truly tighten up your administrative processes as well.
  1. Here is how smooth re-evaluation management can look:
  2. A therapist completes a re-evaluation between 150 and 157 days after the old plan of care began (when there are 30 days remaining until the plan of care expires).
  3. The therapist writes up the evaluation right away and submits to clinic administration.
  4. Your admin team sends the completed evaluation and plan of care to the patient’s primary care doctor.
  5. The therapist continues treating the patient during this final 30-day period of the plan of care, using the old goals.
  6. Once the signed plan of care is received from the PCP, your admin team submits it to the patient’s insurance plan for authorization. Ideally, there is still at least one week left on the old plan of care!
  7. Your clinic receives approval from the insurance/Medicaid plan for the new plan of care.
  8. The patient’s new plan of care begins the day after the old plan of care ends, so there is no down time. This patient never needs to be put on hold and receives continuity of care.
When your clinic uses TheraPlan, the re-evaluation and plan of care renewal process becomes hassle-free. Our application automatically calculates a re-evaluation due date of 150 days from the previous evaluation, which gives your providers ample time to complete their evaluation and go through the administrative process for continuity of care of your patients.

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