Therapy EMR Software Update Mobile Responsive

Version 2.1 of our therapy EMR is here!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released a big software update today! TheraPlan Version 2.1 is full of big changes, many of which were the result of excellent feedback from our current users: therapists like you! We know you’ll find the updates to be useful. Here are some highlights of this version:
  • Text Reminders

Sending appointment reminders to patients reduces no shows and results in higher revenue. TheraPlan is excited to release this new, optional service to our clients who use our scheduler: a seamless integration with an SMS appointment reminder service. Opting in will allow TheraPlan to automatically send configurable text message reminders to your patients when they have appointments coming up the following day.

  • Message Center

Our message center is getting a complete makeover. After TheraPlan version 2.1 is released to our clinics, you’ll notice that notifications from the message center will appear anywhere within TheraPlan. These will notify the user if they receive a message, which they will also be able to answer conveniently from whereve they are working thanks to our new quick access message center icon!

  • To-Do List

Your dashboard will now feature a to-do list in the top right corner. This list will automatically update with: authorizations, evaluations, insurances, and plans of care that are expiring soon. You can click on any of these items to see the complete list of patients to whom they apply.

  • Place Appointments on Hold

This next update is aimed at those of you who use our calendar feature. Should you have a regular patient who needs to temporarily stop sessions for any reason, you’ll be able to simply put their series of appointments on hold, which will be denoted by a red flag above their appointment bubble. That way, you won’t forget that they may need to fill that spot again at some point in the future, but it won’t prevent you from scheduling other appointments in the meantime.

  • Creating Events

You can also use our calendar to create events now, which could be used to keep track of things like lunch breaks, vacation time, doctors’ appointments, and any other times your staff may be out of the office. These events are customizable with up to eight different colors, which look very different from your regular calendar appointments so you can differentiate easily between the two.

  • Calendar Filters

A third calendar update in 2.1 is the addition of filters. You’ll enjoy the convenience of filtering appointments by patient name, location, event, and status flags. This will make it possible to see a patient’s upcoming schedule at-a-glance, which is super helpful to your admin team when they’re on the phone with a patient, for example.

  • Evaluation Auto-Population

Rather than having just diagnosis codes populate from one evaluation to the next (or goals from an evaluation to a re-evaluation), the majority of data from your most recent evaluation for a patient will carry over when the following one is created. This does not include: CPT codes, assessments, plan of care start and end dates, and the frequency and duration text areas. Our goal with this change is to reduce the amount of time and clicks it takes our providers to complete an evaluation in our application, and we hope you like this change as well!

  • TCP Goal Changes

Based on feedback from our clinics, we have added a new checkbox to the Therapy Care Plan that will allow for providers to select whether they want their old goals to populate from the Therapy Care Plan to any future treatment notes within the plan of care date range.

  • Additions & Deductions in User Maintenance

We’re adding an Additions & Deductions accordion to the User Maintenance section. This is designed to assist clinic owners with accurately completing payroll for every clinic employee. A default addition or deduction amount can be added to your providers’ profiles, which will then appear on all future payrolls. This can be removed or edited if necessary. We believe this will speed up the payroll cycle even further.

  • PT Eval: ROM/Strength Changes

Our physical therapists will appreciate this next update. Inside the Subjective/Objective tab of the PT evaluation, the Range of Motion/Strength accordion will now be arranged by body part, from head to toe. Checking a particular area of the body will expand the range-of-motion chart, revealing its respective options.

We’re looking forward to sharing these developments with all of you. For a more thorough explanation of the updates, check out this video. If you have questions about any of the new features, please contact our support desk at (407) 674-7350.