TheraPlan Telehealth for Therapists

Telehealth for Therapy Clinics Now Integrated with TheraPlan’s Web-Based EMR

Throughout 2020, we’ve been watching massive changes take place across the therapy industry, both positive and negative. Daily personal interactions with our users, who are therapists, admins, and clinic owners, have enlightened us about the good and the bad of having to provide services remotely.

In the beginning of the pandemic, we watched clinic owners scramble to find quick and effective virtual solutions, only to come up against challenges such as questionable HIPAA compliance and required contracts. We’ve heard countless stories of our clients having to download software that may not be compatible with various devices, spending precious moments walking patients through technical difficulties, forgetting about appointments, and more.

All of these challenges result in unnecessary frustration for providers, inconvenience for patients, and, worst of all, lost revenue for you. 

TheraPlan’s new telehealth solution is a comprehensive answer to many of these frustrations. Our application was developed with firsthand input from therapists and clinic owners, and this new addition to our EMR is no exception.

Take a look at some of the features you can expect to see for both you and your therapists.

What TheraPlan’s Telehealth Platform Offers to Clinic Owners and Administrative Staff

As a clinic owner, you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, and compliant solution to your providers’ digital needs. We have built a platform that offers you:

  • An Integrated Telehealth + EMR Solution – There’s no need for your therapists to download third-party software. They’ll simply log into TheraPlan to access virtual appointments.
  • HIPAA Compliance – Our focus has always been on making this part of clinic ownership easier, so our new telehealth feature gives you the same security you get throughout our web-based EMR.
  • Built-In Scheduling for All Appointments with Automatic Reminders – Reduce your percentage of no-shows and cut the resulting revenue losses with the help of our scheduler, which now displays both in-person and virtual appointments. There’s even an easy-to-read icon representing each appointment type, so your therapists can clearly see which appointments are remote at a glance.
  • No Annual Commitment – Unlike some virtual meeting solutions, ours requires no annual contract. Instead, add telehealth to your per-user EMR fee and enjoy the convenience of one monthly bill.

What Patients Can Expect from the Telehealth Experience Inside TheraPlan

So what can your patients expect to see inside TheraPlan’s telehealth platform? Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Email & Text RemindersPatients who receive digital reminders are more likely to show up! TheraPlan makes it easy to ensure that your patients never forget an appointment.
  • Waiting Room – Your patients won’t be left thinking their link isn’t working if the provider has not yet arrived to the session. Instead, they’ll be directed to our waiting room and admitted once the provider shows up.
  • Whiteboard – Therapists can conveniently write, draw, or type on the whiteboard feature right inside their virtual room, instead of having to leave the app or have physical supplies available.
  • Interactive Games – Engaging patients in a virtual setting is easy with our built-in educational and entertaining games.

Whether you’re already a TheraPlan user or are considering switching to an EMR, you won’t want to miss out on our introductory offer of this convenient and compliant new therapy clinic solution! Read more details here

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