Dashboard-Centric EMR

4 Advantages of a Dashboard-Centric EMR

In a world dominated by mobile apps, in which few daily tasks require more than a series of clicks, we feel EMRs should be no exception. Medical professionals may need to keep accurate and insurance-approved records, but that doesn’t mean the interface for doing so has to look dry and boring! A modern, aesthetically pleasing dashboard makes the most common functions of an EMR feel less cumbersome, and at the same time provides one-click accessibility. We designed TheraPlan around these principles, ensuring that our dashboard-centric EMR and landing page would provide numerous advantages to our users, including:    
  1. Quick access to patients’ charts and contact info: Upon logging in to TheraPlan, the first thing you’ll notice on the dashboard is a Patient List. Search for a particular patient, or review your entire caseload at any given time, without having to navigate to the Patient Information section of the application. If you’re a therapist on wheels, accessing the dashboard from your mobile device allows you to call the patient’s main contact phone number in just a couple clicks!
  1. Scheduling at your fingertips: If you’re using TheraPlan for scheduling appointments, our dashboard brings those to your attention right away. See your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule at a glance, and even check in patients straight from the scheduler tile. No outside apps or calendars necessary!
  1. Inter-company messaging: We all know that emails get lost in inboxes, and text messages sometimes get overlooked. When you need to communicate with your team of therapists or admin staff, simply log in to TheraPlan and send an instant message straight from our message center.
  1. An at-a-glance summary of unsigned documents: Forgot which notes you left unfinished? See them all in one place every time you log in. With this addition to the TheraPlan dashboard serving as your ongoing task list, it’s impossible to end up with incomplete documentation!
  A dashboard-centric EMR provides immeasurable advantages. TheraPlan’s unique brand of dashboard technology allows therapists to complete daily responsibilities with minimal effort: to work smart, not hard!   If you’re interested in seeing our dashboard for yourself, schedule a demo. We’re happy to show you how TheraPlan can simplify your work life.